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Pet Grooming

Hi! I'm Carolyn :)

I am a highly experienced dog and cat groomer in Fort Saskatchewan.

I've been a pet lover and owner since as far back as I can remember.. 

Several years ago I turned my love into a service for your pets as well. ...Ok, maybe its just an excuse to get to cuddle more furry friends ;)

Contact me so we can chat!


Pet Groomer In Fort Saskatchewan, BC



Cat Bath

1-1.5 hrs | 60+

Some cats cannot take care of their coats, so a bath is necessary for good health and fur maintenance.

Included in this groom is conditioning shampoo, blow dry and brush out. Nails trimmed and ears cleaned.

Cat Shave

30 mins - 1 hr | $80 Full

Lion, Lynx, or Panther Clips


Shaved close. Tail left fluffy or tufted. Add on a bath for only $10 more.

Double Coated Dogs

1 hr+

XSmall $40 | Small $50

Medium $60+ 


Double coated like Poms, Shibas, Border Collies etc included in groom. Bath, blow-dry, deshed and brush out. Trimming up where needed or desired. Ears cleaned, pads shaved as needed. Nails trimmed and dremmeled. Condition scented mist.


We come to you! Fully equipped Sprinter Van to groom your cat or dog, close to home. Gentle one on one care, pets love it!

See what we have to offer your fur baby with our pet care services :

Bath & Tidy

$15 - 25 off Kennel Cut


Between grooms bath & tidy includes quality shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, tidy feet, face and bottom. Clean ears, trim nails and grinding.

Clips & Shaves

1.5 + hrs

Small $55+ | Medium $65

Full groom includes bath with quality shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, clipped coat- length of coat decided at intake, ears and tail trimmed, nails trimmed with grinding, ears cleaned.

*Longer scissored styles extra

Mobile Fee

$10 to your door

Some grooms available outside of Fort Saskatchewan | Mobile fee $15+


Convenient! ...price of gas these days! No more planning to pick up or drop off. Grooming can also be arranged for when you're not home- saves you time. So many advantages!



Here are photos of some of the pets we have enjoyed grooming. These are some happy dogs and cats!